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We love designing kitchens for those who love cooking - be it baking cakes or full on a la carte meals. 

But whether you're a budding super-chef or foodie novice, the latest cooking apps can help you prepare a super-supper for six or a romantic meal for two! With recipe ideas, hints and tips as well as practical help when you need it most - you can be a mobile master chef with our list of the top five culinary apps around.

1 Epicurious (free)

You will never be stuck for inspiration again thanks to the free Epicurious app.  It contains tens of thousands of recipes, you can even search according to what they have in the fridge. The app creates a shopping list based on the recipes you have chosen and, once you're ready to get cracking in the kitchen, makes it easy to follow the cooking instructions on screen.


2 Teach Me Sushi (£5.49)

For the more accomplished chef, who's looking to impress, look no further than Teach Me Sushi. Video tutorials, twinned with bright photography and very clear, simply-written instructions, have already helped thousands of people to create their first piece of sushi.

teach me

3 Substitutions (£0.69)

You're all ready to prepare your culinary masterpiece, when you realise that you've forgotten to buy a vital ingredient! Avoid having to nip back to the shops with the Substitutions app, it will swap the missing ingredient for something you do own with over 400 substitutions available and the ability to narrow down your search by categories such as 'Baking & Cooking' or 'Spices'.


4 Egg Timer (free)

It's one of life's simple pleasures, however, perfecting a boiled egg is no easy task!  It's a simple app, you just tell it what size the egg is, the temperature of it and the altitude of where you are (apparently this all affects how an egg is cooked.), then tell it how you like your eggs and click Start and voila, you have a countdown to your perfectly cooked egg.

egg timer

5 Pair It! (£1.79)

OK, so you've mastered the art of cooking - but to really impress your dinner party guests you need to serve up the right wine to accompany the meal. This app is, as the name suggests, a tool that helps you match food with wine, and vice versa, and contains over 20,000 different suggestions.

pair it

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