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wicker baskets

It will soon be time to spring clean our homes and create clutter free living spaces. 

But what are the hottest solutions available right now? 

Here's our design team's 'must have' kitchen storage solutions for Spring 2013. 

Clever Clutter Free Kitchens

This sharp looking multipurpose pull out unit, including the chopping board, means you can wave goodbye to knife blocks, tubs of utensils and chopping boards cluttering work surfaces - making them easier to clean. 

Pull Out Utensil Holder Resized 

Wicked Wicker

Wicker is making a big come back in kitchens in 2013 as part of a Cottage Industry Craftmanship trend. These new storage baskets look great in kitchens and offer practical storage for fruit and vegetables.  £55 for a 400mm x 320mm Wicker Basket, £16 for a pair of runners or £440 as shown. 

Wicker Basket £ 55 Resized

Put It In The Pantry

Pantries and larders are making a massive come back and Betta Living is selling them like hot cakes! What's more they've gone high tech and now come with a Power Move electric motor option that opens automatically at the touch of a door. Wow! There are a number of size and configuration options ensuring it's adaptable for existing larders and cupboards too. 

Corner Storage Units

Betta Living's Le Man's Corner Unit is by far our most popular kitchen storage solution - and it just keeps getting better and better, with more options and smoother operation. Corner cabinet storage is from £725 for a 900 by 900mm solution as shown.


Pull Out Chrome Wire Basket

This can be configured to your requirements and internal lighting means you won't loose anything at the back of a cupboard again! Prices start at £495 as shown.

Pull Out Chrome Wire Basket F £53 Resized 

Tech Space Saving Solutions

Not strictly "storage" but great ways to save space and create clutter free homes when Spring Cleaning.


Betta Living's drop down TVs  (£316), LCD cabinets (£553) and built in socket options (£125).

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