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It's one of our favourite and most frequently used household appliances -the humble kettle.

If you're looking to update our favourite kitchen gadget, read our handy guide before you buy…

What you need to know: 

  • Sophisticated variable-temperature kettles let you heat water to a choice of temperatures, which is particularly useful if you're a fan of speciality teas, 60-80ºC is best for green teas; 75-85ºC for white teas and 90ºC for camomile.
  • The newest kettles on the market come with special features including; faster boiling times, energy saving capabilities, lime scale filters and reduced noise.
  • If you're the only tea drinker in your house there are likely to be occasions where you'll be boiling the kettle just for yourself. You can choose a one-cup kettle for more efficient brew making. 
  • When buying a new kettle, remember the higher the wattage the faster the boil, but the more energy the kettle will use.


Our favourites:

The statement kettle: Swan 1.7 litre jug kettle in Lime


This quirky kettle comes in a range of colours, but we just love lime - bringing a zesty edge to your kitchen.  Wonderfully functional with a 360-degree base and automatic cut-off - yet a beautifully stylish accessory for your kitchen.

Traditional with a twist: Morphy Richards Traditional Kettle

morphy richards_blue

Beautifully crafted, this Morphy Richards model has been created with traditional elegance but it includes all the technology you'd expect from a modern appliance.


Pictured here in cyan, it also comes in orange, yellow, copper, cream, black, plum and stainless steel.

Modern Marvel: Black Metallic Jug Kettle

morphy richard

Opt for sleek and stylish with this jug kettle by Morphy Richards.  In metallic black it will make a real statement in a modern kitchen, with a chrome base and spout.  We love this mid-range kettle as it combines exceptional style and features including an illuminated measuring window.

Perfectly polished: Russell Hobbs Ceylon Polished Jug Kettle

For a timeless, no-fuss kettle, look no further than the perfectly polished kettle from Russell Hobbs.  A classic style but with added sparkle it will look the part in any kitchen.

russell hobs


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