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If the cold weather and constant talk of economic gloom is getting you down, why not create a home from home spa and lock yourself away for a much needed pamper. 

Don't despair if your bathroom is more functional than fabulous, our accessory guide will help you create the perfect mood - turning it into an oasis of calm!

Clean and bright

Before you switch off and unwind, take a few minutes to clean and de-clutter your bathroom.  You know that you will not be able to fully relax if there's clothes on the floor, toiletries cluttering the surfaces and an overflowing bin!  


Light some candles

Ditch the lights in favour of the more relaxing atmosphere created by candles.  Combine big church candles with smaller tea lights to create the perfect warming glow, placing them on various objects around the room.  Tea light holders in colourful cut glass will add to the effect, we love Butterfly Theme holders in green, purple and blue.

butterfly candles

Invest in fluffy towels

For the ultimate spa experience you will need BIG fluffy towels!  Make sure they're thick and opt for bath sheet size to make sure you can immerse yourself in luxury.  It is also important to make sure they're warm and cosy before you step into the tub, so make sure the heated towel rail or radiator is on.

Heaven scent

To complete the sensory experience you need to create the right aroma to aid relaxation and make your bathroom a true sanctuary. Lavender, bergamont, chamomile and sandalwood are the best scents to help you unwind. Reed diffusers are perfect for dispersing aromas around your bathroom. We loved Fired Earth's Green Tea & Bergmont.


Luxury products

Treat yourself to some luxury toiletries for the ultimate bathing experience.  Fill your bath with top end bubble bath, salts and oils that you can sink into.  Pamper yourself with scrubs and intensive moisture treatments so when you leave your new bathroom sanctuary you'll still feel fantastic.

If accessories simply will not lift your drab bathroom and you're looking to renovate the room, take a look at the range stunning fitted bathrooms from Betta Living.

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