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We love talking trends and so we thought we'd share some of the team's latest findings for the kitchen.

TREND 1. Artisanal

Our first kitchen trend nods to the simplicity of natural wood combined with artisan skill.  Betta Living's Art & Crafts kitchen reflects this new trend - where simply styled Shaker oak doors are combined with crafted cabinetry and feature display units to give a homespun, artisan feel. Wicker baskets are another way to introduce this trend even in a modern kitchen.  

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TREND 2. Bright Biomes 

Having endured some of the worst UK weather on record in the past two years, top interior designers are helping us forget the elements when indoors with a movement towards biomes - creating bright, light, natural havens in our homes. Happy colours and natural brights are an antidote to the outside gloom of grey skies and rain.  White kitchens that boast light reflecting qualities work well for this trend, and bring the outdoors in with wood finishes mixed in. Colour confident splashbacks can help you accessorise a bright biome kitchen.



TREND 3. Blending  

Blending is 2013's evolution of the ever-popular desire for open plan living - not just knocking down a wall between cooking and living areas but introducing design features that ensure social and culinary lifestyles are truly intertwined. Built in seating and introducing dresser style displays that were common place in dining areas are favoured features in today's kitchen designs.



4. Curves

Curves in the kitchen are still a current trend. Sleek, sexy curves offer flowing lines and can make a room feel softer overall.  A corner-free design feature is ergonomic and touchy feely - making the kitchen much more welcoming and nicer for family, and especially little ones, to spend time in.  Taking the corners off islands and breakfasts bars will make them stand out as a design feature - a contemporary piece of art, that guests will admire.


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