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Zoning areas of your home can re-invent your rooms without having to change the overall layout of your house

The trend du jour in the interior design world right now is zoning - which means separating areas according to their function.  The trend has gained momentum thanks to the increase in open plan living and dual use rooms.

The modern household has a variety of needs and so a clever way to create sub-spaces, which cater for these different needs, is to zone!

Zoning areas of your home can re-invent your rooms without having to change the overall layout of your house - it's an example of interior design that has been used for a long time in commercial spaces such as fashion stores and restaurants to create different atmospheres in one place.

Take the kitchen for example. In this room we now cook, entertain, dine and socialize. The bedroom has also become more than a place to sleep, for many it's a study or dressing room too.  The trick for making the most of multifunctional rooms is zoning and here's how to do it!


  1. Define the zones - decide what areas in a room should be designated to functionality and what areas should be social.
  2. Lighting - clever lighting can break up a room and direct the eyes to see a section of the room as a different space with a different function.  A dining area with feature lighting above a table will clearly separate it from the cooking area in a kitchen diner.
  3. Colour - blocks of colour are the best way to separate a room.  In the kitchen you can contrast the stark, white functional kitchen units with a softer wood island or breakfast bar to showcase the social areas of your kitchen.
  4. Statement piece - some artwork or accent wallpaper in one area will signify a place to relax and again draw the eye away from the functional area of the room
  5. Furniture - the easiest way to zone is to use your furniture cleverly.  In the bedroom, for example use an inviting chaise long to separate the office from the cosy sleeping space.


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