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Aspen White Fitted Kitchen

A new feature for 2013 is our monthly Ask The Expert slot, where members of our design team tackle your frequently asked questions. The first is how to design a small kitchen and we've asked Betta Living's Head of Design, Jamie Dean to answer this for us.

If you have a question that you'd like us to answer in our Ask The Expert blog spot then please drop us a line or contact us via Facebook and we'll endeavor to answer it in our next monthly feature. 

So, Jamie's top five tips for small kitchens are … 

If you're pushed for space in the kitchen use these clever design secrets to ensure that your small room is perfectly formed.

1) Go Large

It may sounds like a contradiction, but using larger units in a small space is the best way to make it look, well, larger!  The key is to have less of them. A larder unit is a good solution as it uses floor to ceiling space and will provide a lot of storage in one unit.  

Betta Living Larder Power Move Pantry

2)Bi-fold doors

Bi-fold doors on your cupboards will make your small space flow better and allow you to cook in your kitchen with ease.  An easy thing to do that will save you future frustrations and give the illusion of space.

Betta Living Larder Unit Copy

3) A White finish

When choosing your kitchen units, white is a great option to make your small kitchen appear light and airy.  Glossy doors will reflect light and make your dinky kitchen shine!  Colour and warmth can be added with wood or granite worktops


4) Add Gadgets

Don't shy away from gadgets just because your kitchen is small - you can add real wow factor with space savvy technology such as flip down televisions that can be installed just about anywhere. 

5) Internal storage

Every nook and cranny must be utilized!  So, internal storage solutions such as the Le Man's corner pull out is ideal! It avoids those hard to reach corners where crockery or pans can tend to get lost. Another popular option is built in wine racks - making a feature of your storage and keeping your worktops clear!

Betta Living Corner Pans Copy

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