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Christmas Lighting

Fabulous lighting ideas for your home this winter.

You can banish grey skies this winter with some well thought-through lighting solutions for your home. Here's Betta Livng's head designer's pick of our 'betta' ideas, currently adored by our team and loved by customers.

In the kitchen…

Use lighting to enhance your kitchen's design features, as well as creating practical light for food preparation and cooking.

Create a cosy glow as you prepare a heart-warming winter feast with halogen lights, such as these Glass Square Halogen Downlights that are perfect for illuminating functional areas - see our lighting section for prices.

Another 'dazzling effect' is to use a series of LED lights.  They're a smart choice when positioned near tiles or a splash back as they reflect light and use very little energy.

Lighting Shelves - now there's a clever idea! 

Add depth and warmth to a room with clever solutions such as this stunning Lighting Shelf. Perfect for any room, especially smaller spaces where you need extra storage too.

Halogen recessed lighting is also a bright idea for adding a touch of sparkle to areas that need it.  They now come in a range of styles to suit your interior.  

Kitchen & Bedroom….

Inject the wow factor with floor level plinth lighting in your kitchen or bedroom.  These little dazzlers provide glamorous mood lighting that will create warmth and atmosphere. Our Betta Living designers can suggest clever ideas such as headboard lighting too - pictured below.

Bed -lighting

Home Offices…

Create a space that you love working in this winter with under shelf lighting.  Forget harsh strip lighting and go for a subtle glow, that will look super stylish but is also a practical way to highlight your work area.

Homeoffice _lighting

Top five tips for lighting your home:

Lighting has aesthetic benefits but don't forget that it can be functional too - illuminate task areas in the kitchen and home study

  1. Always consider the natural light within a room and decide where best to add artificial light
  2. In the bedroom choose mood lighting that glows and enhances relaxation
  3. Think about energy - ES bulbs are a good option as are LED lights
  4. Accent lighting isn't functional, but can add drama to a bedroom or kitchen - illuminate key design areas using plinth lights in alcoves and at floor level






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