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Soda Stream

Betta Living Loves…

The Sparkling Redesign of a 1980s Classic!


Can you remember when the ultimate kitchen accessory was a SodaStream? If you're in your thirties, the chances are you begged your parents to buy one and/or went green with envy when your friend bragged about 'getting busy with the fizzy' while you looked on jealously with a lowly Panda Pop.


Well, the DIY fizzy drinks machine has had a style overhaul, thanks to world-renowned designer Yves Béhar, who is famous for working with brands including Puma, Mini and Samsung, to name but a few.


His was inspired by the drink machine's green credentials; makers claim that creating your own carbonated water will save the average household 550 plastic bottles per year.  The 'Reduce and Refine' philosophy is reflected in the design of this latest model, named Source.


I think it's true to say that we didn't have the same environmental conscience back in the 1980s, but as responsible adults, it's good to know that you'll be reducing your carbon footprint by making fizzy water rather than buying it - as you're reducing the need for heavy, energy intensive shipments of water.


The new swanky SodaStream Source comes in a range of colours from vibrant red and blue as well as muted black and minimal gloss white  - making it a beautiful accessory for any kitchen.  Although futuristic, we think the curved design also has a retro 1950s feel, which is a key trend for interiors in 2013.


So, what's not to love?  The new Sodastream Source definitely gets our vote, but will it make it onto your 2012 Christmas list?


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