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Small Kitchen

Small Kitchen? No Problem


There are some simple ways to make a small kitchen feel more spacious.


White kitchens work very well in small spaces, helping to reflect light and give the illusion of more space.


But this doesn't mean you have to avoid wood finishes all together - which can be added with worktops, as shown here in Betta Living's Aspen kitchen.


Also, a simple lower tier worktop provides a space-efficient chair-level eating area - eliminating a need for a separate dining table.  


Glass fronted cabinets, with feature lighting, also work extremely well in small kitchens - to add interest to walls of storage.


Betta Living's fitted kitchens come with a wide range of internal storage options boasting the latest space saving technology. One of the most popular internal storage solutions is the Fly Moon corner pull out (£263) - which avoids those hard to reach corners where crockery or pans can tend to get lost.

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