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Curvy Kitchens

Curvy kitchens - A design trend that will make you smile!


Beautiful curves continue to be a key look in the kitchen; our designers believe that by adding a few curves to your kitchen, you'll add style that is guaranteed to endure for years (as well as adding a smile to your face every time you look at your gorgeous kitchen design J.  But why are we embracing our kitchen curves more these days?


Curved kitchens became popular thanks to the trend towards open-plan living.  With the kitchen becoming the key space within the home, we demanded that it should better reflect family life and become warmer, friendlier, better looking and well, less like a kitchen!


Sleek, sexy curves offer long flowing lines that make the room less restricted, while doors and draw fronts are uncluttered and handle free, making the overall room feel softer.  This corner-free design feature takes away the practical nature of the kitchen and helps it to blend in better with our dining or living space.


Curved worktops are ergonomic and touchy feely - making the kitchen much more welcoming and nicer for our family and especially our little ones to spend time in.  Taking the corners off islands and breakfasts bars will make them stand out as a design feature - a contemporary piece of art, that guests will admire.


Betta Living designers have embraced the curvy concept to bring you a range of stunning kitchens that will make you smile - the most important curve of all!

Betta Living's New York kitchen is bang on trend with its sleek, sexy curves and high gloss finish; or what about our Horizon range with long flowing lines that end in softly sweeping curves. And the Lexington kitchen design we feature on our website shows one of the most popular ways to feature curves - on a breakfast bar.

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