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Cassia Bi Fold

Top tips for a cosy bedroom 

The clocks go back tonight (Saturday 27th October), which means longer, darker night - so our bedroom design team have put together some top advice on how to make your bedroom a winter retreat in five easy steps. 

1. Fabrics

Add accessories in Chenille, soft wool, raw silk and fleece to make your bedroom instantly more inviting. Pile the bed high with cushions (different shapes and sizes work best, see picture above) and layer with throws, opt for warm colours, such as this season's shade honey gold, to double the cosy factor.

2. Lighting

Several different types of light fixtures create multiple layers of lighting, giving the illusion of warmth. Soft reading lamps by the bed, combined with recess plinth lights and decorative string lighting work well together.  Candles and installing a dimmer switch are quick and easy solutions too.

3. Texture

Swap summer minimalism and create winter warmth by simply adding texture.  Textured wallpaper will make walls more inviting, while accessories in touchy-feely leather, velvet and suede make the perfect cosy boudoir.

4. Rugs

If you have wood or laminate flooring, adding a rug to your bedroom is a must during winter.  Opt for several small rugs and place them near to the bed, so your toes get the cosy treatment each time you step out of bed.

5. Colour

Even with a small budget you can make a big impact by painting one of your bedroom walls.  Choose warming pinks, reds, and golds for an instant injection of heat. Furniture in dark and honey-toned wood will warm up the room too.

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