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Dallas Cream

The Return Of Dallas Causes A Stir In Our Homes


As one of the 80's biggest soap sensations makes a return to our screens (5th September) on Channel 5, why not bring some Dallas glamour to your home with Betta Living's Dallas kitchen?  


With its sleek wide white doors, this design will ensure your kitchen stands the test of time, just like 'JR' , 'Sue Ellen' and Bobby Ewing.   


Southfork Style   

If you're looking to recreate the chic country style of 'Southfork' then look no further than Betta Living's Washington and Arts & Craft Kitchens.


Designed to be a true cook's kitchen, with deep sinks and built in chopping and preparation surfaces, Betta Living's Washington kitchen would be welcomed by Miss Ellie, whilst the large central island would be frequented by Sue Ellen no doubt enjoying a couple of aperitifs as she watches her mother-in-law cook!


Sue Ellen could certainly kick up a storm in Betta Living's Arts and Crafts kitchen. Its traditional craftsmanship would complement Southfork's country ranch feel and cast the kitchen as the true heart of the home.

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