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Boudior Cabinet

We've Conquered Space in the Bedroom 


Can you overestimate the value of clever storage in the bedroom? We think not! So whether you like to fold, hang or even just shove - there's a solution.


For the lady who has everything, Betta Living's utterly chic and ultra useful boudoir built-in storage is ideal. Whether you're preening for work or putting on make-up for a night out, it's a discreet dressing table and so much more.


The mirrored cabinet opens to reveal ample space for your fragrances, make-up and other beauty products, while the glass shelves and lighting add a real touvh of class.


Regardless of how many pairs of shoes you have, the 'Heel Deal' will keep them in check and you can even add additional shelves to store handbags and other items.  It's every woman's dream!


It's not just the ladies who can benefit from clever storage solutions. The brilliant Gentleman's Dresser is perfect for the man who wants smarter storage and combines a generous clothing rail with loads of shelves and drawers. 



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