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It's Spring Cleaning Time Betta Get Some Cracking Storage Sorted

It's that time of year when we clear the clutter and sort our storage following a good old spring clean. But what are the hot new solutions to hit the shops for this year? And the best selling products that are a sure fire way to straighten up our homes this spring?

We asked national fitted kitchen and fitted bedroom experts Betta Living what's new and their 'must have' storage solutions for 2012. 

Clever Clutter Free Kitchens Cluttered kitchens are a no-no for 2012, so gone are the days where knife blocks, tubs of utensils and chopping boards sit on work surfaces. Which is why this NEW multipurpose pull out unit is tipped as a massive seller for its versatility.

And the same goes for TVs and audio equipment. Work surfaces won't be taken over by technology - built in solutions are no longer the exclusive right of footballer's mansions.


It might be the 'Great British Bake Off Effect' but pantries and larders are making a massive come back and Betta Living is selling them like hot cakes! What's more they've gone high tech. This swing out pantry unit is a must, plus there are a number of size and configuration options ensuring it's adaptable for existing larders too and they're available with a Power Move electric motor option that opens automatically at the touch of a door. Wow! We've Conquered Space in the Bedroom Can you overestimate the value of clever storage in the bedroom? We think not! So whether you like to fold, hang or even just shove - there's a solution.

 Getting ready just got glamourous For the lady who has everything, Betta Living's utterly chic and ultra useful boudoir built-in storage is ideal. Whether you're getting ready for work or a night out, it's a discreet dressing table and so much more.

The mirrored cabinet opens to reveal ample space for your fragrances, make-up and other beauty products, while the glass shelves and lighting add a real touvh of class.

It's the heal deal Regardless of how many pairs of shoes you have, the 'Heel Deal' will keep them in check and you can even add additional shelves to store handbags and other items.  It's every woman's dream!

Highly practical pull out wardrobe frames are new for this year. 


For the man who wants smarter storage It's not just the ladies who can benefit from clever storage solutions. The brilliant Gentleman's Dresser is perfect for the man who wants smarter storage and combines a generous clothing rail with loads of shelves and drawers.  

And if you thought getting an elevating TV that neatly hides away when not in use was something you coould only dream of - think again.

For more storage solutions visit or call 0800 269 945. Betta Living has a retail presence in more than 70 cities and towns nationwide from stores to design consultants.

But what are the hot new solutions to hit the shops for this year? 

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