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Shaker Twist

Whether you are a well-established property owner or someone who has recently jumped onto the property ladder, you should be well aware that the kitchen is one of its central features. Kitchens are no longer places we only use when we want to cook a meal.

The kitchen is now a communal gathering area where everyone gets together, something you will find evident when you buy a Betta Living kitchen. Each of our kitchens has been carefully devised and arranged so that everyone gets the opportunity to use the kitchen as and when they want to.

All kitchen designs sold at Betta Living include a dedicated seating area and give you the space you need to get in and around the kitchen when cooking and socialising. No kitchen at Betta Living best displays this than our Milford design.

The Milford kitchen has a central seating area where you can put your feet up in between courses, which also acts as storage space as it comes with shelving, cupboards and drawers. It gives you everything you could possibly want out of a kitchen as it also consists of a range of different appliances.

For that extra touch of contemporary class we offer Milford in a classic oak finish, a blend of wood which never loses its appeal. Oak continues to be a popular choice amongst home owners and it really isn't hard to see why when you notice the amount of character it can add to fitted kitchens.

We also seek to make sure that our kitchens are as affordable as possible. Our special offers page is continually updated with all the very latest bargain deals on a massive range of kitchen designs.

By giving your kitchen the respect it deserves you will be rewarded with years and years of stylish kitchen living.

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