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Brilliance White Doors Off

You may remember a few short months ago that Betta Living released a brand new bedroom design christened 'Brilliance' and a great success it has proven to be. Homeowners have really taken it to their hearts and if you want a little bit of Betta Living brilliance in your property before the annual festivities then now is the time to purchase some.

Our 'Brilliance' range is available until tonight at 10pm for just £1,423, RRP £4,448 and it can ordered with just a £99 deposit. Best of all, we promise to have it fully installed in before 25th December so that you can give yourself the perfect Christmas present before Father Christmas even takes to his sleigh.

The reason why we christened this unique bedroom 'Brilliance' is because unlike many other fitted bedrooms it has a brilliant ability to use up every single inch of available bedroom space. The space that it does take up with fitted wardrobes used to its full effect so that you don't have to worry about your bedroom becoming cluttered and messy.

Bedrooms such as Brilliance only come round once every blue moon. The beautiful cream finish the bedroom has will be enough to give you the comforting atmosphere you crave each and every time you turn in for the night. It is a colour built-to-last, one which will never show its age due to its ever timeless effect.

Anyone looking to update their bedroom either with Brilliance or any of our other fantastic bedroom designs can view them all at their local Betta Living showroom. You can also take advantage of our FREE home consultation visit where a member of our team will assist you in finding the perfect bedroom for your home.

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