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Finding and buying the right kitchen for your home is a big decision and something you simply have to get bang on. All that responsibility can weigh down on your shoulders which is why it sometimes makes sense to share the buying duties with someone else and who better than Betta Living to give you a helping hand!

Although we have showrooms located up and down the country we are aware that there are many people who now prefer the convenience of navigating their way through the web for the very best kitchen designs. We have taken this into account and in the past few months have implement a live help option on our website.

Live help enables all visitors to the website to speak directly to a member of our team online with a simple click of a button. You can either speak to them solely through the use of your keyboard or via video chat and take advantage of the years of expertise they have acquired in the kitchens industry.

Each member of our team is highly qualified when it comes to providing an opinion to kitchen buyers on the best options for their households. If you have set ideas in your head then we encourage you to share them with us so that we can provide you with a kitchen solution to your specific taste.

Of course you may understandably want to come and see our kitchens first-hand following an online discussion with Betta Living. Not a problem. As we mentioned earlier we have a series of showrooms where you can speak to our team and get up close and personal with our magnificent range of fitted kitchens.

We can also come and visit you in your home and carry out a FREE design visit to ensure you get the perfect kitchen for you and your family's requirements.

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