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Bedroom Design Team

The individuals bringing their insight and inspiration into your home

Malcolm Alexander

Malcolm Alexander

Senior Bedroom Designer

Over 10 years experience at Betta Living

During his 10 years with Betta Living, Malcolm has designed over 3,000 bedrooms and home offices for our customers. Malcolm’s background in interior design has proved invaluable in helping our clients achieve their perfect bedroom.

Emily Marden

Emily Madsen

Head of Design - Bedrooms

Over 18 months

Emily started off studying design at university and has followed that through in the 18 months she has been with the company. She is passionate about designing and loves working with the customer to create their dream bedroom.

Terry Knox

Terry Knox

Bedroom Design Consultant

Nearly 20 years

Terry has been designing bedrooms for over 20 years now and is still as enthusiastic about creating his next dream bedroom as he was 20 years ago. Terry prides himself on being able to make the best use of any size room and bring the “wow” factor into his design, whilst maximising storage solutions.

Past Projects of the Bedroom Design team

These are just a small selection of the many projects our designers are proud to put their names to.

Mr and Mrs Wilkins

Angelo Beech Bedroom - Altrincham

Mr & Mrs Wilkins from Altrincham have been Betta Living customers for over 20 years and recently replaced their 22 year old bedroom with this stunning Angelo Beech design.

Mrs Dawson

Isabella cream bedroom - Frodsham

This was Mrs Dawson's first bedroom from Betta Living, when asked how things went she said one word - "Excellent".

Mr & Mrs Costello

Brilliance white bedroom - Wigan

Mrs Costello was so delighted with her new bedroom she reviewed our performance on and gave us 5 stars!

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